Rewilding – still learning

It’s now a few years since I came across the concept of ‘rewilding’ and read George Monbiot’s Feral, far from the first book to tackle the subject, but perhaps the one that holds the crown for popularising it to such an extent and garnering a more established ‘movement’ of rewilding within conservation circles. Over that same periodContinue reading “Rewilding – still learning”

In defence of farmers

Some of you might have read the ‘Dairy is Scary‘ piece published in the Guardian’s opinion section last week. It was incredibly polarising and quite understandably angered many, including myself. There are always two sides to every coin and good journalism should I feel take both into account. I understand that this was an opinionContinue reading “In defence of farmers”

The Great British Fly Tipping Problem

I spent this weekend with friends on their farm in Wiltshire, planting trees and drinking proper west country scrumpy (resulting in quite a hangover on Sunday!). However, this is not the subject of my post, perhaps clear from the title. Fly tipping is at the forefront of my mind because of our journey to theContinue reading “The Great British Fly Tipping Problem”

‘Meet the Farmers’ Episode 5. Luke Hasell and Herons Green Farm

Luke HaseLuke Hasell farms beef cattle in the Chew Valley of North Somerset. I spoke to him in the farmhouse at Herons Green Farm about how he got into farming, about CSAs, regulation, pasture fed beef, conservation and much more. Luke wasn’t always a farmer and originally trained as an engineer, working for Kier Group asContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ Episode 5. Luke Hasell and Herons Green Farm”

‘Meet the Farmers’ Episode 4. The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017

For this episode of Meet the Farmers I travelled to the Oxford Real Farming Conference, which took place from 4th-5th January, and I spoke to farmers and others about the future of food and farming in the UK. It was the second time I had attended this inspiring event and it was good to be able toContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ Episode 4. The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017”