What You Need to Know About Health and Safety in Agricultural Work – Guest post by Simon Bliss

Agricultural work in the UK can be hazardous. In fact, according to statistics, between one and three people die every month as a result of a farming accident. Several more are either seriously injured or fall ill in connection with their work. As a result, to ensure farming is a sustainable business, there needs toContinue reading “What You Need to Know About Health and Safety in Agricultural Work – Guest post by Simon Bliss”

Our Planet, Our Farmers

On Wednesday I will be leaving Essex on a week long podcast road trip to the Cotswolds/Welsh borders and then north Wales to record around a dozen new episodes for Meet the Farmers. I am really looking forward to speaking to all of the farmers along the way, including Rob Havard in Worcestershire, Ally HunterContinue reading “Our Planet, Our Farmers”

Meet the Farmers – episode 41 – Phil Jarvis

Episode 41 of the Meet the Farmers podcast is now available featuring Phil Jarvis who is Head of farming at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Allerton Project in Leicestershire. Phil has farmed at the Allerton Project since the 1990s and since then has experimented with a vast range of strategies to understand how to farmContinue reading “Meet the Farmers – episode 41 – Phil Jarvis”

Wild Justice, Natural England and this week’s Shooting License Fiasco

If you live in the UK and take any interest in the news at all then you are probably aware that last Thursday Natural England revoked the general licenses (GL04,05 and 06) that allowed anyone to shoot 16 different species* of bird including several members of the crow family, pigeons and some gulls. The useContinue reading “Wild Justice, Natural England and this week’s Shooting License Fiasco”

Spotlight on…the Nature Friendly Farming Network

There are many organisations doing important work in rural areas, bringing people together, providing support and improving the state of nature. ‘Spotlight on…’ profiles some of these. The Nature Friendly Farming Network is a farmer led, grass roots organisation which profiles a way of farming that puts nature and the environment at its heart. Very fewContinue reading “Spotlight on…the Nature Friendly Farming Network”