When to act on climate change?

Firstly, happy new year and I hope you have had a good festive break (if you are fortunate enough to be able to take time off over the Christmas/New Year period). My good intentions to post every Friday on this blog have started well, although it won’t last for long as I will be awayContinue reading “When to act on climate change?”

Book Review – Letters to the Earth – introduced by Emma Thompson

Earlier this year the group Culture Declares Emergency invited the British public to put pen to paper and write a letter to the Earth. The invitation was open to all – to think beyond the human narrative and bear witness to the scale of the climate crisis. Over 1000 people wrote letters of love, grief,Continue reading “Book Review – Letters to the Earth – introduced by Emma Thompson”

Our Planet, Our Farmers

On Wednesday I will be leaving Essex on a week long podcast road trip to the Cotswolds/Welsh borders and then north Wales to record around a dozen new episodes for Meet the Farmers. I am really looking forward to speaking to all of the farmers along the way, including Rob Havard in Worcestershire, Ally HunterContinue reading “Our Planet, Our Farmers”

Climate Change: Vital Signs from the Planet and Its Impact on us – Guest post by Shannon Minnis

Climate change is a hot topic these days, and yes, the pun is intended. That’s because the Earth is changing at a much faster rate than it has in the past. It’s no wonder scientists are starting to become concerned. Because the term is politically charged, people tend to avoid learning more. However, it’s importantContinue reading “Climate Change: Vital Signs from the Planet and Its Impact on us – Guest post by Shannon Minnis”

New film: ‘The Carbon Farmer’

The Carbon Farmer presents a vision for UK Peatland conservation, agriculture and climate action. Before reading on you may wish to view the film itself (it’s only just over 7 minutes long). I was privileged to be involved in this project (in a very small way) from the start, speaking to the film’s producer, AndyContinue reading “New film: ‘The Carbon Farmer’”