About Ben

Hello and welcome to thinkingcountry. I am an environmental and agricultural writer and rural commentator, based in the UK. I also co-manage an 800 acre mixed farm business in Essex which my family has farmed since the 1870s and I take an active interest in conservation and wildlife.

I launched thinkingcountry in 2013 to explore agricultural and environmental issues, widen and challenge my perspective and to provide a platform for free thinking people to discuss rural affairs. I am particularly interested in issues about farming and conservation and how these two worlds interact as well as soils, sustainability and how communities engage with their local environment.

I am the son of an Essex coastal farmer and a landscape artist, both of whom heavily influenced my keen interest in the natural world and the people who live and work in the countryside. Although I have moved about quite a lot, living for periods of time in Norfolk, Bristol and the Cotwolds and traveling widely, the Essex marshes remain the landscape that has influenced me the most and it’s the place that I call home. The calls of Lapwing and Curlew and the great flocks of Dark Bellied Brent Geese visiting us every winter as well as the distinct remoteness of the marshes and mudflats, outside the reaches of development, define this environment.

I have previously worked for Essex Wildlife Trust and managed projects for the University of Bristol and the National Trust. I now divide my time between working for my family farm business and writing for a number of different publications. I also sit on the committee of A Focus on Nature, the UK’s largest youth nature network, working to engage young conservationists with farming issues.

I have published work for The Guardian, Countrysquire Magazine, The Countryman, the Sustainable Food Trust, Rewilding Britain and New Nature Magazine, among others.

I am represented by Cathryn Summerhayes at Curtis Brown.

In 2014 I was awarded the George Hare Leonard prize for history.

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Disclaimer: Most Images are sourced from public sources i.e google images. If you own the image and would like it to be removed please get in touch with me using my contact details. All views are my own and not representative of any external or affiliated organisation.



5 thoughts on “About Ben

  1. Hi Ben, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. History and the environment are 2 integral aspects of our work, so it’s wonderful to find a likeminded writer! If you’re on facebook please visit the RAXA Collective page–we hope you like the overlap there too. See you there!

  2. Ben

    Good stuff – do comment on anything here you so wish




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