Meet The Farmers Podcast

Meet the Farmers is a podcast which brings farmers and the public closer together. From April 2020 the podcast went weekly with a new format but there’s also a large bank of old episodes for you to listen to. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud and other platforms.

If you are a farmer and are interested in being featured in an episode, please get in touch!

Huge thanks to The Mercer Family Charitable Foundation and the Chadacre Agricultural Trust for supporting the podcast in 2019/2020.

New Show Format

Next episode out: Monday 15th June 2020 at 9am 

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Episode 75 (8/06/2020) – guests include Gareth Barlow, BBC newsreader and former sheep farmer

Gareth Barlow

Episode 74 (1/06/2020) – guests include Sam Steggles from Fielding Cottage and Andy Gage from the Firepit Company


Episode 73 (25/05/2020) – guests include Emily Norton from Savills and Waves Crookes from SeaGrown

Wave Crookes

Episode 72 (18/05/20) – guests include Norfolk farmer Jeremy Buxton

Jeremy Buxton

Episode 71 (11/05/20) – guests include Nicola Palfrey and Yorkshire farmer Andrew Wilson.

Andrew Wilson

Episode 70 (3/05/20) – guests include Robin Milton, Exmoor Farmer and Matt Swain.


Episode 69 (27/04/20) – guests include Oliver Lee, Devon dairy farmer


Episode 68 (20/04/20) – guests include Matthew Hawthorne from the Euston Estate in Suffolk

Euston Estate fields

Episode 67 (13/04/20) – guests include Anna Bryant, Will Evans and Ally Hunter-Blair


Original Format

Episode 1 – Anna and Phil Bryant at Stowford Manor Farm, nr. Trowbridge, Wiltshire


Episode 2 – Elm Tree Farm, Stapleton, Bristol.




Episode 3 – David Lord at Earls Hall Farm, nr. Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.


Episode 4 – The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017


Episode 5 – Luke Hasell at Herons Green Farm, North Somerset


Episode 6 – Tim May at Pitt Hall Farm, Hampshire

Profile pic

Episode 7 – Ed Ford at Childerditch Hall Farm, Essex


Episode 8Paul Kelly at Claydons Farm, Essex


Episode 9 – Young Farmers at Royal Welsh Show, Powys

DSC_0342 (1)

Episode 10 – Fiona Provan at the Calf at Foot Dairy, Suffolk




Episode 11 – Tom Martin at Village Farm, Cambridgeshire




Episode 12 – Eddie Andrew at Our Cow Molly, near Sheffield, South Yorkshire




Episode 13 – Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018




Episode 14 – Tom Bradshaw at Fletchers Farm, nr Colchester, Essex


Episode 15 – The Nature Friendly Farming Network


Episode 16 – Gala Bailey-Barker at Plaw Hatch Farm, Sussex


Episode 17 – Stephen Briggs at Whitehall Farm, Cambridgeshire




Episode 18 – Matt Naylor at Naylor Flowers, Lincolnshire

Matt Naylor

Episode 19 – Jim Shanks at Standhill Farm, near Hawick, Scottish Borders


Episode 20 – Martyn Bergius at Overlangshaw Farm, nr Galashiels, Scottish Borders


Episode 21 – The Royal Highland Show with Kelvin Pate

highland show

Episode 22 – George Young at Fobbing Hall Farm, nr Basildon, Essex

George Young

Episode 23 – Mark Hayward of Dingley Dell Pork, Suffolk

Mark Hayward

Episode 24 – John Pawsey of Shimpling Park Farms, Suffolk

John Pawsey

Episode 25 – The East of England Farming Conference 2018


Episode 26 – Teleri Fielden (‘The Snowdonia Shepherdess) at Llyndu Isaf in Snowdonia, Wales.

Teleri Fielden

Episode 27 – Guy Smith at Wigboro Wick Farm, St Osyth, Essex

Guy Smith 2

Episode 28 – Searching for Common Ground at the Oxford Farming Conference and the Oxford Real Farming Conference

ofc and orfc logos

Episode 29 – Martin Lines, Cambridgeshire ; Chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network


Episode 30 – Jonny Crickmore at Fen Farm Dairy, Bungay, Suffolk

Jonny Crickmore

Episode 31 – Andrew Dewing of Dewing Grain

Andrew Dewing

Episode 32 – Spencer Christy at Lauriston Farm, near Goldhanger, Essex


Episode 33 – Guy and Emily French at Foxes Farm Produce, near Colchester, Essex

Guy and Emily French

Episode 34 – William Kendall at Maple Farm, Kelsale, Suffolk

William Kendall

Episode 35 – Georgie Bray at Hope Farm, Cambridgeshire

Georgie Bray

Episode 36 – Patrick and Brian Barker at Lodge Farm, Suffolk


Episode 37 – Helen Browning at Eastbrook Farm, Wiltshire

Helen Browning

Episode 38 – Kit Papworth at Lower Farm, Norfolk


Episode 39 – Katie Anderson at Paddlesworth Produce, Kent

Katie Anderson

Episode 40 – Richard Bower in Staffordshire

Richard Bower

Episode 41 – Phil Jarvis at the Allerton Project in Leicestershire


Episode 42 – Alaistaire Brice at Havensfield Happy Hens Suffolk

Alaistaire Brice

Episode 43 (LIVE!) – The Tendring Hundred Show 


Episode 44 – Silas Hedley-Lawrence at English Farm in Oxfordshire

Silas Hedley Lawrence

Episode 45 – Sally and Shan Bendall at Hollowtrees Farm, Suffolk


Episode 46 – Fiona Siddall at Easton Farm Park, Suffolk


Episode 47 – Emily McVeigh at Kenton Hall Estate, Suffolk

Emily McVeigh

Episode 48 – Andy Dibben and Kate Yells at Abbey Home Farm, Gloucestershire

Abbey Home Farm

Episode 49 – Jonty Brunyee at Conygree Farm, Gloucestershire


Episode 50 – Rob Havard in Worcestershire


Episode 51 – James and Katie Allen in Oxfordshire

James and Katie Allen

Episode 52 – Ally Hunter-Blair in Herefordshire


Episode 53 – Ben Andrews in Herefordshire


Episode 54 – Emlyn Roberts in Gwynedd


Episode 55 – Llyr Jones in Denbighshire


Episode 56 – Gareth Wyn Jones in Conwy


Episode 57 – Will Evans in Wrexham


Episode 58 – Mental Health, Farming and the Railways


Episode 59 – Andy Howard in Kent

Andy Howard

Episode 60 – Robin Asquith in North Yorkshire