Thoughts from the week

I realise that you are probably fed up of hearing the word ‘COVID-19’ or ‘coronavirus’ on any form of media and so if you hoping to escape the virus on thinkingcountry I apologise. However, it wouldn’t seem right to reflect back on the week without mentioning it at all. At the time of writing theContinue reading “Thoughts from the week”

‘Meet the Farmers’ (Change in Dairy mini-series) – episode 64 – Kerri Waters

Meet the Farmers specials look at a farming issue or subject in more depth and for this mini-series we are exploring potential changes in the dairy sector over the next few years from environmental policy to competition from plant based alternatives. In this final episode of the mini series which comes out throughout this weekContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ (Change in Dairy mini-series) – episode 64 – Kerri Waters”

When to act on climate change?

Firstly, happy new year and I hope you have had a good festive break (if you are fortunate enough to be able to take time off over the Christmas/New Year period). My good intentions to post every Friday on this blog have started well, although it won’t last for long as I will be awayContinue reading “When to act on climate change?”

2019 – a year of change

You’ll have to forgive me for the selfish nature of this post. Originally, I thought about doing my usual ‘review of the year in the countryside’ with news on everything from TB to rural crime, HS2, the weather and the impact of Brexit and the election. However, I thought I would review my own yearContinue reading “2019 – a year of change”