Book Review – ‘Connecting With Life’ by Martin Summer

Connecting with Life can be read either cover to cover, as it is eminently readable, or used as a handbook for rekindling one’s relationship with the natural world, to be kept on the shelf but dipped into now and then when you need a natural boost of encouragement to get outdoors. Summer’s debut book isContinue reading “Book Review – ‘Connecting With Life’ by Martin Summer”

Book Review – The Hidden World of the Fox – by Adele Brand

The fox is one of those charismatic species that attracts strong opinions, especially in the countryside, but as they are also increasingly, if not more, visible in urban areas, from people in towns and cities as well. Ecologist Adele Brand, the author of this enjoyable and very readable book, clearly has a great intrigue withContinue reading “Book Review – The Hidden World of the Fox – by Adele Brand”

Book Review – Bloom – by Ruth Kassinger

Writing 339 pages about algae is an impressive feat (including recipes, but excluding bibliography and index). What is even more impressive however is making a subject that might stereotypically be met with groans or raised eyebrows engaging. Algae is fascinating and I knew very little about it before reading this book. I have come toContinue reading “Book Review – Bloom – by Ruth Kassinger”

Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks in Different Environments – Guest post by Rebecca Van Ommen

A lot of thinkingcountry readers enjoy taking photographs, especially in the outdoors, so when Rebecca Van Ommen approached me asking to publish the below I thought you might be interested. Ben   There was a time when photography could only be done by professionals who had all the needed tools and spent years mastering theContinue reading “Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks in Different Environments – Guest post by Rebecca Van Ommen”

Book Review – Wintering – by Stephen Rutt

The autumn and winter is greeted here on the Essex coast with flocks of Dark Bellied Brent Geese, overwintering to escape the harsh realities of their Siberian breeding grounds. The sounds of these majestic birds throng the air and for me are a clear association with my sense of place. I might complain that theyContinue reading “Book Review – Wintering – by Stephen Rutt”