Book Review – ‘The Birds They Sang’ by Stanislaw Lubienski

I don’t normally dive straight in with a book review suggesting that you buy a copy and read the book in question, but this is one of those occasions. Stanislaw Lubienski has written one of those rare books that feels like it will be a future classic. I am fairly inexperienced when it comes toContinue reading “Book Review – ‘The Birds They Sang’ by Stanislaw Lubienski”

Book Review – Wintering – by Stephen Rutt

The autumn and winter is greeted here on the Essex coast with flocks of Dark Bellied Brent Geese, overwintering to escape the harsh realities of their Siberian breeding grounds. The sounds of these majestic birds throng the air and for me are a clear association with my sense of place. I might complain that theyContinue reading “Book Review – Wintering – by Stephen Rutt”

Book Review – Bird Therapy – by Joe Harkness

”Consistent and constant, yet wild and free Are the avian wonders comforting me. From the lake at my patch, to the gorse-speckled heath, they dowse me in light, over darkness beneath. Sharpening senses, they help me to find, the systems and solace that strengthen my mind. From meadow to estuary, shingle to tree, I’ll alwaysContinue reading “Book Review – Bird Therapy – by Joe Harkness”

Upcoming Big Farmland Bird Count + the EAT Lancet Report

Between the 8th and 17th February farmers, land managers and gamekeepers are being asked to participate in the 6th Big Farmland Bird Count by taking 30 minutes to count bird species on a particular location on their farm. This has become a critically important citizen scientific survey and the results help to give us aContinue reading “Upcoming Big Farmland Bird Count + the EAT Lancet Report”

Winter, walking, water and birds

Last weekend I set off with a friend to walk a stretch of the sea wall around Arthur Ransome’s Secret Water, known to locals as ‘the Backwaters’. It was one of those glorious, crisp days with radiant blue skies, a subtle whirr of wind but nothing more, and calm water, with just the hint ofContinue reading “Winter, walking, water and birds”