Make your own bird feeder – guest post by Tim Rogers

At this time of year it’s nice to give the birds in our garden a bit of a boost with some extra food and you get the benefit of being able to see lots of different species up close. Bird feeders don’t have to be expensive either – you can make your own. There areContinue reading “Make your own bird feeder – guest post by Tim Rogers”

Joe Harkness, Bird Therapy and the Wild Voices Project

I may have mentioned the Wild Voices Project before. It’s a podcast run by Matt Williams that profiles people who connect with the natural world in some way (tagline: the stories of the people saving nature), and it makes for some wonderful listening. Matt’s approach is informal yet gritty and his lengthy episodes unravel slowly,Continue reading “Joe Harkness, Bird Therapy and the Wild Voices Project”

Caring for Birds this winter

There are roughly 574 known species of wild birds found in the UK all with their own distinct characteristics. The sweet sound of birdsong in the morning is often a sound taken for granted and it would be greatly missed if it were to disappear; let alone the impact on the environment and ecosystem ifContinue reading “Caring for Birds this winter”

BTO Wetland Bird Survey – February

A dodgy knee meant that I wasn’t able to join the local survey at the Naze last weekend, but for the purposes of the count, here were the results (18th February 2018): Grey Lag 7 Brent Goose 42 Canada Goose 2 Mallard 10 Wigeon c.20 Teal 28 Shoveler 30 Shelduck 5 Little Egret 1 LapwingContinue reading “BTO Wetland Bird Survey – February”

BTO Wetland Bird Survey January

At the end of last year I began volunteering alongside a local birder for the monthly BTO wetland bird survey. Our patch, which runs around our farm at the Naze, covers a roughly 7 mile walk around the peninsula, trekking firstly up the beach alongside the salt marsh towards Stone Point and then back toContinue reading “BTO Wetland Bird Survey January”