Book Review – The Forager’s Calendar – by John Wright

Foraging is a pastime like no other, although it combines the joys of several outdoor activities. It provides an opportunity to learn and promises delicious results, so long as one knows what to do with the collected spoils on return to the kitchen. John Wright’s The Forager’s Calendar is a fairly comprehensive account and handbook forContinue reading “Book Review – The Forager’s Calendar – by John Wright”

Book Review: Food You Can Forage, by Tiffany Francis

N.b. This review was originally published in New Nature Magazine (June 2018 issue). Have you ever wondered what sweet cicely or bog myrtle taste like? If so then this book could be one for you. Beautifully illustrated and helpfully structured by habitat Food You Can Forage would sit well on the bookshelf or coffee table ofContinue reading “Book Review: Food You Can Forage, by Tiffany Francis”

Caring for Birds this winter

There are roughly 574 known species of wild birds found in the UK all with their own distinct characteristics. The sweet sound of birdsong in the morning is often a sound taken for granted and it would be greatly missed if it were to disappear; let alone the impact on the environment and ecosystem ifContinue reading “Caring for Birds this winter”

Book review: ‘Rewild: the art of returning to nature’ by Nick Baker

Nick Baker has described ‘Rewild‘ as his ‘first proper grown up book’, having previously mostly written nature guides for children. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and would recommend it, but I must admit that I had expected more ‘rewilding’ (as I know it and think about it) within its pages. For this isn’t really aContinue reading “Book review: ‘Rewild: the art of returning to nature’ by Nick Baker”

Photography in the Countryside (Rural Photography) – Guest post by Max Therry

Exploring the countryside can bring some truly fantastic photographic opportunities. Rural settings are bursting with life, natural features and an explosion of vibrant colour. If you enjoy photography, consider heading out into the great outdoors and letting the countryside inspire you! Whilst urban landscapes and cities provide uniformity and harsh lines; the countryside can provideContinue reading “Photography in the Countryside (Rural Photography) – Guest post by Max Therry”