Caring for Birds this winter


There are roughly 574 known species of wild birds found in the UK all with their own distinct characteristics. The sweet sound of birdsong in the morning is often a sound taken for granted and it would be greatly missed if it were to disappear; let alone the impact on the environment and ecosystem if certain species were to go into decline. That’s why it is so important we do everything we can to help protect birds over the harsh winter months.

The lovely people at Trago have created this infographic which provides you with some simple information as to how you can help do your bit in taking care of the UK’s Wild Birds.

n.b this is a sponsored post

2 thoughts on “Caring for Birds this winter

  1. Ben, is the infographic the one with the terrible pictures of 4 common birds? (A bluetit that looks like a Robin, a sparrow that looks even more like a robin, a robin that looks like a bluetit and a blackbird that looks like a thrush?)

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