Book Review – The Hidden World of the Fox – by Adele Brand

The fox is one of those charismatic species that attracts strong opinions, especially in the countryside, but as they are also increasingly, if not more, visible in urban areas, from people in towns and cities as well. Ecologist Adele Brand, the author of this enjoyable and very readable book, clearly has a great intrigue withContinue reading “Book Review – The Hidden World of the Fox – by Adele Brand”

The Most Exciting Technologies in Ecology

Measuring, recording and tracking our environment and wildlife has become standardised in many ways, with widely used software. However, in the last few years technology itself has changed the way ecological consultancy works on a day-to-day basis – from site surveys to endangered species monitoring, and here are just a few advances that are excitingContinue reading “The Most Exciting Technologies in Ecology”

A guide to creating a sustainable garden

As the world outside seems to be increasingly uncertain making and caring for a garden seems to be a popular way of finding joy and a degree of control. Some people think that they could never make a successful garden but the truth is that anybody can really. Sustainable gardening is not as hard asContinue reading “A guide to creating a sustainable garden”

Spotlight on…the Nature Friendly Farming Network

There are many organisations doing important work in rural areas, bringing people together, providing support and improving the state of nature. ‘Spotlight on…’ profiles some of these. The Nature Friendly Farming Network is a farmer led, grass roots organisation which profiles a way of farming that puts nature and the environment at its heart. Very fewContinue reading “Spotlight on…the Nature Friendly Farming Network”

How to Help Wildlife in Your Garden This Winter – Guest post by NatureSpy

It might be springlike at the moment but winter has a habit of biting back with a vengeance – just think back to the Beast from the East in the UK last year! With this in mind, here’s a short post about how to help wildlife in winter. …………………………………………………………. Winter can be a hard timeContinue reading “How to Help Wildlife in Your Garden This Winter – Guest post by NatureSpy”