Book Review – ‘Connecting With Life’ by Martin Summer

Connecting with Life can be read either cover to cover, as it is eminently readable, or used as a handbook for rekindling one’s relationship with the natural world, to be kept on the shelf but dipped into now and then when you need a natural boost of encouragement to get outdoors. Summer’s debut book isContinue reading “Book Review – ‘Connecting With Life’ by Martin Summer”

Book Review – The Hidden World of the Fox – by Adele Brand

The fox is one of those charismatic species that attracts strong opinions, especially in the countryside, but as they are also increasingly, if not more, visible in urban areas, from people in towns and cities as well. Ecologist Adele Brand, the author of this enjoyable and very readable book, clearly has a great intrigue withContinue reading “Book Review – The Hidden World of the Fox – by Adele Brand”

Learning Innovation from Nature – Guest Post by Sophia Sanchez

When John Dewey, the philosopher and educational reformer said, education is not preparation for life; education is life itself, it emphasized in a way, the underlying fact that education is lifelong. As we spend a predominant part of adult life working to make a living, understanding the difference between plain vanilla work, and purposeful workContinue reading “Learning Innovation from Nature – Guest Post by Sophia Sanchez”

Book Review – The Forager’s Calendar – by John Wright

Foraging is a pastime like no other, although it combines the joys of several outdoor activities. It provides an opportunity to learn and promises delicious results, so long as one knows what to do with the collected spoils on return to the kitchen. John Wright’s The Forager’s Calendar is a fairly comprehensive account and handbook forContinue reading “Book Review – The Forager’s Calendar – by John Wright”

Spotlight on…the Nature Friendly Farming Network

There are many organisations doing important work in rural areas, bringing people together, providing support and improving the state of nature. ‘Spotlight on…’ profiles some of these. The Nature Friendly Farming Network is a farmer led, grass roots organisation which profiles a way of farming that puts nature and the environment at its heart. Very fewContinue reading “Spotlight on…the Nature Friendly Farming Network”