Meet the Farmers – episode 50 -Rob Havard

Stop 3 on my podcast road trip (back in October 2019) to the west of England and north of Wales was to Rob Havard in Worcestershire. Rob farms grass fed Aberdeen Angus cattle and follows a ‘holistic grazing’ and ‘holistic management’ model. Rob worked in conservation for a while before he started farming and soContinue reading “Meet the Farmers – episode 50 -Rob Havard”

Meet the Farmers (LIVE!) – episode 43 – The Tendring Hundred Show

Episode 43 comes to you from the Tendring Hundred Show which was held back in July. I spoke to Emma Stobart (RSPB), David Lord (local farmer), Dave Smart (Essex Wildlife Trust) and Barbara Sharp (Essex Beekeepers) about farming, conservation and the future of the countryside in the Countryside Ring at the Show.    

Wild Justice, Natural England and this week’s Shooting License Fiasco

If you live in the UK and take any interest in the news at all then you are probably aware that last Thursday Natural England revoked the general licenses (GL04,05 and 06) that allowed anyone to shoot 16 different species* of bird including several members of the crow family, pigeons and some gulls. The useContinue reading “Wild Justice, Natural England and this week’s Shooting License Fiasco”

Spotlight on…the Nature Friendly Farming Network

There are many organisations doing important work in rural areas, bringing people together, providing support and improving the state of nature. ‘Spotlight on…’ profiles some of these. The Nature Friendly Farming Network is a farmer led, grass roots organisation which profiles a way of farming that puts nature and the environment at its heart. Very fewContinue reading “Spotlight on…the Nature Friendly Farming Network”

Chris Packham and the Nature Friendly Farming Network

I recently visited Martin Lines, UK Chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network. Martin invites large numbers of people to his farm each year to show them what he is doing to improve the state of nature on his farm. One of those guests was Chris Packham who organised a bioblitz to take place onContinue reading “Chris Packham and the Nature Friendly Farming Network”