Chris Packham and the Nature Friendly Farming Network

I recently visited Martin Lines, UK Chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network. Martin invites large numbers of people to his farm each year to show them what he is doing to improve the state of nature on his farm. One of those guests was Chris Packham who organised a bioblitz to take place on the farm. Packham receives a mixed press generally within the farming community, so it’s great to see this clip of him supporting the work of nature friendly farmers.

One thought on “Chris Packham and the Nature Friendly Farming Network

  1. Thank you Chris Packham for your support , clearly Farming and caring for the environment have to now go hand in hand the Nature Friendly Farming Network can help deliver this and with your support our common goals are ever more achievable. The gap that exists between some sectors of agriculture and conservationists has to be closed.

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