Meet the Farmers – episode 50 -Rob Havard

Stop 3 on my podcast road trip (back in October 2019) to the west of England and north of Wales was to Rob Havard in Worcestershire. Rob farms grass fed Aberdeen Angus cattle and follows a ‘holistic grazing’ and ‘holistic management’ model. Rob worked in conservation for a while before he started farming and soContinue reading “Meet the Farmers – episode 50 -Rob Havard”

One fifth of English farms have disappeared in past 10 years

England’s green and pleasant land: a patchwork quilt of green and gold fields with quaint little villages nestled in between and ancient farms run by families who have worked the land for generations. Is this a true perspective of the English countryside? You and I know that this rose-tinted view is not the reality, norContinue reading “One fifth of English farms have disappeared in past 10 years”

Some thoughts on CAP modulation

Anyone who keeps up to date with farming news will be well aware that the figures for the extent of modulation from Pillar 1 to Pillar 2 payments under the reformed Common Agricultural Policy have been published. I have listened, as a relative bystander, with some interest, to the various opinions voiced on this matter,Continue reading “Some thoughts on CAP modulation”