The Dairy Crisis – should we be scaling up operations?

It is not often that farming makes the headlines in the UK but lately the mainstream media haven’t been able to avoid the anger that dairy farmers have been expressing over the price they are being paid for their milk. Protestors have been removing milk from supermarket shelves and one set of protestors recently resortedContinue reading “The Dairy Crisis – should we be scaling up operations?”

Some thoughts on CAP modulation

Anyone who keeps up to date with farming news will be well aware that the figures for the extent of modulation from Pillar 1 to Pillar 2 payments under the reformed Common Agricultural Policy have been published. I have listened, as a relative bystander, with some interest, to the various opinions voiced on this matter,Continue reading “Some thoughts on CAP modulation”

Why Soils Matter in the Global Food Security Debate

Some of you may know (although I have to confess that I was personally unaware until yesterday) that last week was ‘Global Soil Week’ when more than 450 scientists, policy makers and practitioners from 71 countries gathered together in Berlin to discuss the role of soils in society. The theme of the week was ‘LosingContinue reading “Why Soils Matter in the Global Food Security Debate”