10 Ideas for Creating a Sustainable School Campus – guest post by Aimee Laurence

Sustainability and environmentally friendly developments are dependent on concerted effort from the bottom up. One of the places where a single individual can make a huge difference is on school campuses. Students showing initiative and lobbying for alterations to be made is likely going to be received well, with much of what they want changedContinue reading “10 Ideas for Creating a Sustainable School Campus – guest post by Aimee Laurence”

3 reasons why sustainable shopping is important

Sustainability is a buzz word at this current moment in time and for a very good reason. With more and more evidence being uncovered pointing to serious changes in our climate system, it’s more important than ever that we work together to make changes for the good. This is what sustainability is all about; ensuringContinue reading “3 reasons why sustainable shopping is important”

Eco-Friendly Homes for You – Guest post by Emma Joyce

Our planet is heading towards an ecological disaster, which is why more and more people are looking for ways to make things right. Acting locally and focusing on your own environment is a way to do that, so turn to eco-friendliness and start insisting on sustainability in your own home as soon as you can.Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Homes for You – Guest post by Emma Joyce”

A guide to creating a sustainable garden

As the world outside seems to be increasingly uncertain making and caring for a garden seems to be a popular way of finding joy and a degree of control. Some people think that they could never make a successful garden but the truth is that anybody can really. Sustainable gardening is not as hard asContinue reading “A guide to creating a sustainable garden”

Can You Help The Environment With The Way You Pay?

When we think about sustainability and how to help the environment, how we pay for things isn’t usually a topic that comes to mind. Traditional payment methods are so deeply ingrained in our society that most of us never give them a second thought, let alone consider environmental ramifications or possible alternatives. Furthermore, it’s certainlyContinue reading “Can You Help The Environment With The Way You Pay?”