3 reasons why sustainable shopping is important

Sustainability is a buzz word at this current moment in time and for a very good reason. With more and more evidence being uncovered pointing to serious changes in our climate system, it’s more important than ever that we work together to make changes for the good. This is what sustainability is all about; ensuringContinue reading “3 reasons why sustainable shopping is important”

7 Sustainable Products that You Need

Change has to start somewhere, so let it start with you and purchases for your home. Check out these seven smart sustainable products for everyday life. Most products will help you go green whilst also saving you time. 1. Reusable Beeswax Wraps If I had to choose a mortal enemy from my kitchen, it wouldContinue reading “7 Sustainable Products that You Need”

The Best Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas for Every Home – Guest post by Diana Smith

Traditionally, the kitchen has been a place which creates loads of waste, with power-hungry, buzzing, baking and cooling appliances amping up your electricity bills. Add the under-sink chemical department with products marked ‘toxic’ and ‘corrosive’ and the picture you get is not very ‘green’ by any standard. Luckily, the times have changed. Now you canContinue reading “The Best Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas for Every Home – Guest post by Diana Smith”

Sea Buckthorn

Unless you know me personally you have probably never heard of sea buckthorn, although you may have seen it growing on the coast. It has a bright orange berry and silvery green coloured leaves and it is renowned for its health benefits. It is far more popular in Europe, as well as in Russia andContinue reading “Sea Buckthorn”