3 reasons why sustainable shopping is important

Sustainability is a buzz word at this current moment in time and for a very good reason. With more and more evidence being uncovered pointing to serious changes in our climate system, it’s more important than ever that we work together to make changes for the good. This is what sustainability is all about; ensuring that the purchases we make can last and that their production doesn’t have a negative impact on our environment. There are so many reasons why it’s important to start shopping sustainably, and here we’ll take a look at just three of them.

  1. Be an example to others

For so long, we’ve been manufacturing goods and clothing with little thought for the impact it’s having on our planet. Now we are beginning to discover that we are destroying our world and that climate disaster is a possibility, so many of us are starting to understand that we need to make changes. Sometimes, we can feel a bit apathetic towards change. We feel that there are so few people who actually care that we can’t make much of an impact, so what is the point? We can make a difference, however, little by little. If you become an example to others by changing the way you shop and discussing why you have done so with people you may just encourage others to follow you. They might then encourage others and so on and so on. Before long we might be in a position where everyone is shopping sustainability and we can start to reverse climate damage.


  1. Send a message to the big corporations

It is the big manufacturers and corporations that really need to make changes so that we can improve our planet. We can do this, as shoppers, by sending them a message with our spending power. If we support brands that work hard to promote sustainability and offer customers tips on how to reduce their carbon footprint we can really let them know that the future of our planet is important to us. Ultimately, it is the big players on the market that we want to convince because they are the ones who can have the most impact by changing their practices. If we allow them to carry on by continuing to purchase their goods, change might never happen.

  1. Sustainability helps people

Sustainability isn’t all about the planet. It’s also about helping people around the world who might otherwise struggle under our economic systems. The Fair Trade movement, for instance, ensures that people are paid a fair price for their goods and promotes sustainability in order to improve the lives of those living in developing countries. If we get behind movements such as this, we can help to ensure that people’s lives are not hampered by issues such as pollution and that their working environments are acceptable.



N.b This is a guest post by Jessica Pierce Media.


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