Winter pruning of Sea Buckthorn

You might think that the summer is the busiest time of year on a farm, and you’d probably be right. However, at all times of year there is something to be done. On our Essex farm at the moment a small team is intent in our task of winter pruning sea buckthorn plants, ensuring weContinue reading “Winter pruning of Sea Buckthorn”

A Trip to Russia

I touched down at Heathrow on Saturday afternoon after an early flight from Barnaul and a rather stressful connecting flight to London from Moscow. I must say that I have had easier trips abroad in the past, but perhaps none quite as unique as this Russian adventure. The main point of the trip was toContinue reading “A Trip to Russia”

Sea Buckthorn

Unless you know me personally you have probably never heard of sea buckthorn, although you may have seen it growing on the coast. It has a bright orange berry and silvery green coloured leaves and it is renowned for its health benefits. It is far more popular in Europe, as well as in Russia andContinue reading “Sea Buckthorn”