The Rural Youth Project

I came across the Rural Youth Project in this week’s Farmers Weekly, a small paragraph on p.8, and this led me to their website. In short the RYP is a research project that aims to better understand the current ‘aspirations, opportunities and challenges’ of young people (18-28), mostly in Scotland but also in England, Wales,Continue reading “The Rural Youth Project”

A Trip to Russia

I touched down at Heathrow on Saturday afternoon after an early flight from Barnaul and a rather stressful connecting flight to London from Moscow. I must say that I have had easier trips abroad in the past, but perhaps none quite as unique as this Russian adventure. The main point of the trip was toContinue reading “A Trip to Russia”

Hello Brigstow

The last couple of weeks have been hectic as the project I have been working on with the National Trust has been nearing its end. On Thursday my project partners and I took part in the launch event of the Brigstow Institute, our funders, at the Wills Memorial Building in Bristol. We constructed an installationContinue reading “Hello Brigstow”


Taking part in the Big Farmland Bird Count at the weekend made me more aware of the work of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and particularly the Allerton Project. This post will be part of a number of blog posts profiling organisations and environmental/conservation projects. According to the GWCT website the aims of theContinue reading “Focusing on…THE ALLERTON PROJECT”

Do we need to reinvigorate Environmental History?

‘‘Many people believe that the humanities are retreating, that they are irrelevant, and students—especially in the emerging world—are encouraged to study subjects that are considered to be more useful for the labour market. The task of the humanities, according to Wilfrid McClay, is to be distinctive from the natural and social sciences, by grasping ‘humanContinue reading “Do we need to reinvigorate Environmental History?”