What was the Silsoe Conference and why should we remember it?

Forty eight years ago, in July 1969, a conference was held at Silsoe Agricultural College in Bedfordshire. It was jointly organised by the RSPB, the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), The Wildlife Trusts, the National Conservancy Council (now Natural England) and the Agricultural Development Advisory Service (ADAS), and it aimed to bring farmers and conservationistsContinue reading “What was the Silsoe Conference and why should we remember it?”

A visit to the Pliocene Forest

Earlier today I travelled up to Sutton in Suffolk to visit ‘the Pliocene Forest’, a project managed by GeoSuffolk. We are exploring options for ecotourism on the farm and with our own Pliocene/Pleistocene heritage, Sutton seemed like an interesting model. We were met by Barry, who runs the site with a team of loyal volunteers.Continue reading “A visit to the Pliocene Forest”

Are golf courses an opportunity for conservation?

Before I get too far in to writing this article I have a confession to make. I am not a golfer. I have never played golf. The closest I have come to doing so was at the age of six when I discovered a set of ancient clubs in the cellar of my childhood houseContinue reading “Are golf courses an opportunity for conservation?”

Do we need to reinvigorate Environmental History?

‘‘Many people believe that the humanities are retreating, that they are irrelevant, and students—especially in the emerging world—are encouraged to study subjects that are considered to be more useful for the labour market. The task of the humanities, according to Wilfrid McClay, is to be distinctive from the natural and social sciences, by grasping ‘humanContinue reading “Do we need to reinvigorate Environmental History?”

The Need for Food Education – not a new issue

A few days ago I had a conversation with a local historian about a subject matter relevant to some research that I have been doing for a few years now regarding my local area. One of the themes that we discovered as a result of this conversation is that ideas tend to repeat themselves inContinue reading “The Need for Food Education – not a new issue”