The Hare, why I love it and why we might lose it

Working on a mixed farm with a mosaic of arable cropping, tussocky grassland, marshland and hay meadows I am lucky to be able to see a wide variety of species, although I would love for wildlife abundance to be still greater, a difficult prospect when wildlife is under threat from so many angles. Hares haveContinue reading “The Hare, why I love it and why we might lose it”

Robot Fruit Pickers Being Developed for Brexit

As reported here last year, farming is set to take a major hit with Brexit. Nearly a year later, that assessment by former UK representative to the European Union Ivan Rogers is proving to be on-point. Now, industry leaders need to come up with measures to alleviate the problems besetting the agriculture sector, such as theContinue reading “Robot Fruit Pickers Being Developed for Brexit”

Best Hiking Trails in Scotland – guest post by Paul McCormin

While there are numerous trails all over the world, Scotland, with its raw and scenic landscape, is one of the ideal places to hike as there are many different trails suitable for different types of hikers. Scotland constitutes over 800 islands with many beaches, pristine valleys, towering mountains and wild coastlines, so there are innumerableContinue reading “Best Hiking Trails in Scotland – guest post by Paul McCormin”

Meet the Farmers Goes North

Hello all and welcome to the new week. Wishing you all a happy and successful one whatever you are up to. I’m about to jump in the car and head off on my first ever road trip for Meet the Farmers. It’ll be focused mostly around south east Scotland but my first stop today willContinue reading “Meet the Farmers Goes North”

Making hay while the sun shines

Unless you have downloaded the Met Office app, set your alarm for 6.25pm to catch the evening weather forecast, own a weather station or simply keep one eye permanently fixed on the sky you cannot really call yourself a proper Brit. As a nation we are frankly obsessed with the weather. This is often calledContinue reading “Making hay while the sun shines”