Making hay while the sun shines

Unless you have downloaded the Met Office app, set your alarm for 6.25pm to catch the evening weather forecast, own a weather station or simply keep one eye permanently fixed on the sky you cannot really call yourself a proper Brit. As a nation we are frankly obsessed with the weather. This is often calledContinue reading “Making hay while the sun shines”

Sheepwrecked – Environmentalists v Farmers

Over the last week I have been helping out on a farm in the Scottish Borders in the lambing shed (hello to you all at Overlangshaw!) and while I was there I began reading Alan Butler’s book ‘sheep’, a work that sets out an argument for sheep being some of the most important historical actors ofContinue reading “Sheepwrecked – Environmentalists v Farmers”

Small is Beautiful – four aims for positive land management

I have recently been re-reading E.F. Schumacher’s classic work, first published in 1973, Small is Beautiful. It is a book that remains relevant for the Western world and, I would hasten to guess, will remain increasingly relevant as time marches on this century. Rather than carry out an elongated review or synthesis of ideas contained inContinue reading “Small is Beautiful – four aims for positive land management”

The Rise of Solar Farming

Recently I learned of a new 60 acre solar development planned for the outskirts of the village I live in. It came as a bit of a shock since there was little (if any!) consultation with the community towards whom the development will have a great effect. Now, on the whole I am a strongContinue reading “The Rise of Solar Farming”