The Next Generation of farmers and naturalists talking together

Fifteen months ago an idea came into my head. Wouldn't it be brilliant if some of the young farmers and conservationists who are just starting out in their careers could come together at an event to learn from each other, talk with each other and build connections. After all, as individual organisations and networks Young … Continue reading The Next Generation of farmers and naturalists talking together

Brexit and the OECD challenge to subsidies

Every year the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) releases an 'Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Report' which looks at and assesses the various agricultural policies of the 35 OECD nations around the world, as well as 15 'selected partner economies'. The 2016 version was released back in June, but BBC Farming Today brought … Continue reading Brexit and the OECD challenge to subsidies

Subsidies…dare we predict the future?

If you type in the phrase 'farm subsidies' into any search engine news feed you will find multiple references to the super rich receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds in subsidy for simply owning land. Under our current format of payments, driven by the Common Agricultural Policy, landowners receive payments for being just that, landowners. The … Continue reading Subsidies…dare we predict the future?

Sheepwrecked – Environmentalists v Farmers

Over the last week I have been helping out on a farm in the Scottish Borders in the lambing shed (hello to you all at Overlangshaw!) and while I was there I began reading Alan Butler’s book ‘sheep’, a work that sets out an argument for sheep being some of the most important historical actors of … Continue reading Sheepwrecked – Environmentalists v Farmers