The Country Show

Across the country each summer a large number of country shows are organised, celebrating everything that the countryside has to offer, from agriculture and stock judging to country crafts and traditions. Tomorrow, one of the largest shows, The Royal Welsh Show, opens its doors to the public. Today it’s the final day of the RoyalContinue reading “The Country Show”

Michael Gove to attend the Oxford Real Farming Conference

In January I’ll be heading to the Oxford Real Farming Conference and the Oxford Farming Conference. For the first time I’ll be bringing you Meet the Farmers podcast episodes from both conferences, which I am very excited for. It’s going to be a logistical challenge working out in which venue to be at which timeContinue reading “Michael Gove to attend the Oxford Real Farming Conference”

The East of England Farming Conference

Last week I attended the East of England Farming Conference which was held at the East of England Showground near Peterborough. For a farming conference with such an established sounding name you might be surprised that it is only a few years old, with this event only the fourth to take place in its history.Continue reading “The East of England Farming Conference”

Woodland Trust event calls for farmers to respond to Defra Command Paper

Last week I attended an event organised by the Woodland Trust and hosted by Stephen Briggs at his farm in Cambridgeshire. The aim of the afternoon was partly to introduce farmers to the potential for using agroforestry on their farms, partly to discuss the Defra ‘Health and Harmony’ consultation document and partly to encourage delegatesContinue reading “Woodland Trust event calls for farmers to respond to Defra Command Paper”

Quick Report on Sentry Conference and general catch up post

Sunday afternoon has arrived and I’ve finally been able to sit down to settle into writing a blog post. I can’t quite believe how quickly this winter has been ticking along and although I’m quite far through my list of winter tasks on the farm the end isn’t quite in sight. Last week there wasContinue reading “Quick Report on Sentry Conference and general catch up post”