Why is more clarity needed from Defra?

The Brexit referendum in June 2016 triggered a wholesale change, including in the way that Britain sees itself as a country, as well as practical ‘differences’ in the way we live and work. Change in farming and environmental policy was one of these intended changes and over the past five years Defra has worked toContinue reading “Why is more clarity needed from Defra?”

Michael Gove to attend the Oxford Real Farming Conference

In January I’ll be heading to the Oxford Real Farming Conference and the Oxford Farming Conference. For the first time I’ll be bringing you Meet the Farmers podcast episodes from both conferences, which I am very excited for. It’s going to be a logistical challenge working out in which venue to be at which timeContinue reading “Michael Gove to attend the Oxford Real Farming Conference”

Woodland Trust event calls for farmers to respond to Defra Command Paper

Last week I attended an event organised by the Woodland Trust and hosted by Stephen Briggs at his farm in Cambridgeshire. The aim of the afternoon was partly to introduce farmers to the potential for using agroforestry on their farms, partly to discuss the Defra ‘Health and Harmony’ consultation document and partly to encourage delegatesContinue reading “Woodland Trust event calls for farmers to respond to Defra Command Paper”

‘Health, Beauty and Permanence’ – Reflections on Michael Gove’s NFU Conference speech

I haven’t made it to the NFU Conference this year, but thanks to the wonders of youtube I was at least able to catch outgoing NFU President Meurig Raymond’s speech and Defra Secretary Michael Gove’s speech (thanks @NFUtube!). You can of course read the full speech from the Secretary of State here. Here is a briefContinue reading “‘Health, Beauty and Permanence’ – Reflections on Michael Gove’s NFU Conference speech”

The long awaited 25 Year Environment Plan

I’ve been stuck indoors today, struck down by flu yesterday. There are a lot of things going around at the moment, and I was being optimistic and hoping that I wouldn’t catch anything this winter. Oh well! Hopefully I’m now over the worst of it but you never really can tell with these things. ItContinue reading “The long awaited 25 Year Environment Plan”