An Insight to Ukrainian Agriculture, present and future

You may not be aware but this week has been Ukrainian Week in London, a major initiative launched by Bate Toms, Chairman of the British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC), and Yuriy Kosyuk, founder and Chairman of MHP, an agricultural company listed on the London Stock Exchange. As part of the week I attended a business event at the Savoy (Tuesday) organised by the FinanicalContinue reading “An Insight to Ukrainian Agriculture, present and future”

”No deal would be a very bad deal indeed”: some words on Brexit and Farmers.

Last week the inaugural Henry Plumb Lecture took place at the Royal Society in London, during which Ivan Rogers, the former UK permanent representative to the European Union, spoke to farm leaders and other farming sector representatives about the negotiations and life after Brexit. To say that his words didn’t foster much optimism is theContinue reading “”No deal would be a very bad deal indeed”: some words on Brexit and Farmers.”

Meeting Defra

Late night posts are never usually a good idea, but having just returned from an event down in mid Essex it seems right to pen my thoughts straight away, while it’s fresh in my head. This evening I went along to a Young Farmers Club event near Chelmsford, chaired by the ever inspiring Ed FordContinue reading “Meeting Defra”

The day article 50 was triggered

A token post to mark a momentous day in British and European history (I’ll draw the line at saying world history so as not to inflate British sense of self-importance). At 12.30 today Theresa May will officially trigger Article 50, launching two years of incredibly complex negotiations that will decide the future relationship between BritainContinue reading “The day article 50 was triggered”

Question Time last night: ‘Britain after Brexit’

I am a regular watcher of the BBC’s Question Time, although I should probably stay away for the sake of my blood pressure. Yesterday evening a special ‘Britain after Brexit’ episode was broadcast, during which an audience which was divided as the country was at the referendum (roughly 52:48) posed questions to a panel composed ofContinue reading “Question Time last night: ‘Britain after Brexit’”