”No deal would be a very bad deal indeed”: some words on Brexit and Farmers.

Last week the inaugural Henry Plumb Lecture took place at the Royal Society in London, during which Ivan Rogers, the former UK permanent representative to the European Union, spoke to farm leaders and other farming sector representatives about the negotiations and life after Brexit. To say that his words didn’t foster much optimism is theContinue reading “”No deal would be a very bad deal indeed”: some words on Brexit and Farmers.”

A trip to the capital

Despite living just 80 miles from central London I rarely make it down to the capital. When I do I tend to pack a lot in. With the price of train tickets today you need to make the most of it! It’s an opportunity to meet friends and touch base with contacts as well asContinue reading “A trip to the capital”

The biodiversity challenge in Europe

Yesterday evening I attended the 43rd Annual Bristol University Alumni Convocation Lecture. The subject chosen was something of great interest to me personally, ‘Biodiversity in Europe’, delivered by Dr Hans Friedrich, who only recently left his post as the European Regional Director of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Dr Friedrich, a Dutch geographerContinue reading “The biodiversity challenge in Europe”