Land Lines: finding the UK’s favourite book about nature

Many of you will already have heard about this inspired project from the Arts and Humanities Research Council encouraging Brits to nominate their favourite book about the natural world. Each nomination must be of a book ‘by a UK-based writer or by an author who writes about the UK’s landscape and/or wildlife’, and the deadline forContinue reading “Land Lines: finding the UK’s favourite book about nature”

A trip to the capital

Despite living just 80 miles from central London I rarely make it down to the capital. When I do I tend to pack a lot in. With the price of train tickets today you need to make the most of it! It’s an opportunity to meet friends and touch base with contacts as well asContinue reading “A trip to the capital”

Creating a New National Park for Britain.

George Monbiot’s new charity ‘Rewilding Britain’ will launch later this year. He is currently looking for the first director to lead it (although interviews are now over, at least as I understand it). His recent article on Scottish land reform, published in the Guardian earlier this week cut to the core of the aims of the rewildingContinue reading “Creating a New National Park for Britain.”

George Monbiot’s Coleridge Lecture 2015

Charismatic, outspoken, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sheep hater, rewilding proponent, journalist, activist… – all of these words could be used to describe the environmentalist George Monbiot. Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to be able to attend his most recent lecture in the Great Hall of the Wills Memorial Building at Bristol University, part of the ColeridgeContinue reading “George Monbiot’s Coleridge Lecture 2015”