George Monbiot’s Coleridge Lecture 2015

Charismatic, outspoken, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sheep hater, rewilding proponent, journalist, activist… – all of these words could be used to describe the environmentalist George Monbiot. Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to be able to attend his most recent lecture in the Great Hall of the Wills Memorial Building at Bristol University, part of the ColeridgeContinue reading “George Monbiot’s Coleridge Lecture 2015”

Whatever happened to 1968? Or, in the ‘Age of Climate Change’ where is the student protest?

On Sunday 2nd March around 400 student protesters were arrested after strapping themselves to the White House fence in protest against TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline that, if passed by Barack Obama, would run from Canada to Texas. The marchers chanted ‘’climate justice now’’ and, whilst determined to have their voices heard, were perfectlyContinue reading “Whatever happened to 1968? Or, in the ‘Age of Climate Change’ where is the student protest?”

Margaret Thatcher: the Environmentalist?

Thatcher: the ‘Iron Lady’, ‘the first woman Prime-Minister’, ‘the discordant politician’. As I sit here watching the funeral of the first and, as yet, the only woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom I thought it would be interesting to look into her own environmental agenda. Margaret Thatcher was one of the most divisive figuresContinue reading “Margaret Thatcher: the Environmentalist?”