Book review: ‘Rewild: the art of returning to nature’ by Nick Baker

Nick Baker has described ‘Rewild‘ as his ‘first proper grown up book’, having previously mostly written nature guides for children. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and would recommend it, but I must admit that I had expected more ‘rewilding’ (as I know it and think about it) within its pages. For this isn’t really aContinue reading “Book review: ‘Rewild: the art of returning to nature’ by Nick Baker”

Rewilding – still learning

It’s now a few years since I came across the concept of ‘rewilding’ and read George Monbiot’s Feral, far from the first book to tackle the subject, but perhaps the one that holds the crown for popularising it to such an extent and garnering a more established ‘movement’ of rewilding within conservation circles. Over that same periodContinue reading “Rewilding – still learning”

How Would Agriculture in the UK Change if the Lynx were Introduced? – Guest post by Emily Folk

The impacts on agriculture in the UK from introducing a new predator have yet to be determined. As humans, we have made huge impacts on this world—some of them good, and some of them bad. With the growth of our population and the need to feed those people, we have developed technologies and techniques thatContinue reading “How Would Agriculture in the UK Change if the Lynx were Introduced? – Guest post by Emily Folk”

Where is Flaviu the runaway lynx?

For the past ten days or so Dartmoor has claimed its very own ‘Beast’, and this time it isn’t mythical, although ‘beast’ should really be the last word used to describe Flaviu, the lynx who broke free from Dartmoor Zoo just a few hours after having arrived there from Kent. There certainly doesn’t seem toContinue reading “Where is Flaviu the runaway lynx?”

The Wildwood of my Imagination

This afternoon I went for a walk at Weeleyhall wood, an eighty seven acre ancient woodland in north Essex, owned by Essex Wildlife Trust. It was quiet and peaceful, apart from the odd rumble from a car on the road about four hundred metres to the south. For a Sunday afternoon I met remarkably fewContinue reading “The Wildwood of my Imagination”