Meet the Farmers Podcast – episode 85 – The Future of Food, Farming and Our Countryside

Ben speaks to Monmouthshire farmer and the CEO of the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission, Sue Pritchard.

Meet the Farmers Podcast – episode 81 with Sean Fletcher

Ben speaks to broadcaster, journalist and BBC Countryfile presenter Sean Fletcher. Sean was born in New York, raised in Essex and has lived in Wales and London. He is a prominent mental health campaigner, especially in the light of his son’s OCD.

Meet the Farmers – episode 76 – Young Farmers During Lockdown

In this episode Ben speaks to the current Chair of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs, Dewi Parry, about how Young Farmers has adapted during lockdown.

”Covid 19 – A View from The Country” – Guest post by Willy Browne-Swinburne

Willy Browne-Swinburne is a Northumbrian landowner, farmer and Associate Director of Rural Solutions. Covid 19 – A View from The Country Willy Browne-Swinburne finds room for positivity Coronavirus, as I write, is the single most printed word in the universe. It has put things into a perspective that very few could have considered even a fewContinue reading “”Covid 19 – A View from The Country” – Guest post by Willy Browne-Swinburne”

Meet the Farmers (LIVE!) – episode 43 – The Tendring Hundred Show

Episode 43 comes to you from the Tendring Hundred Show which was held back in July. I spoke to Emma Stobart (RSPB), David Lord (local farmer), Dave Smart (Essex Wildlife Trust) and Barbara Sharp (Essex Beekeepers) about farming, conservation and the future of the countryside in the Countryside Ring at the Show.