Meet the Farmers – episode 76 – Young Farmers During Lockdown

In this episode Ben speaks to the current Chair of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs, Dewi Parry, about how Young Farmers has adapted during lockdown.

Local and international ‘Covid-eos’ helping rural young people connect amid Covid-19

Spanning topics from social isolation to the effect on farming enterprises, the Rural Youth Project has launched a new video diary series – “Country Covid-eos” – to connect rural young people during quarantine. With a new ‘Covid-eo’ launched each Monday, the series will see young people from Scotland, England, and further afield such as Australia,Continue reading “Local and international ‘Covid-eos’ helping rural young people connect amid Covid-19”

The Rural Youth Project

I came across the Rural Youth Project in this week’s Farmers Weekly, a small paragraph on p.8, and this led me to their website. In short the RYP is a research project that aims to better understand the current ‘aspirations, opportunities and challenges’ of young people (18-28), mostly in Scotland but also in England, Wales,Continue reading “The Rural Youth Project”