Meet the Farmers Podcast – episode 81 with Sean Fletcher

Ben speaks to broadcaster, journalist and BBC Countryfile presenter Sean Fletcher. Sean was born in New York, raised in Essex and has lived in Wales and London. He is a prominent mental health campaigner, especially in the light of his son’s OCD.

BBC Focus on Farming this week

Following a number of negative items in the BBC recently on farming, especially an interview featuring NFU President Minette Batters by Evan Davis, the BBC have decided to run a #BBCFarmingFocus week. Tweets about the week are already building up, with stories across local radio and on BBC Breakfast. Down on the farm 🐖 🐏🐔Continue reading “BBC Focus on Farming this week”

Blue Planet 2: The Unique Marketing Opportunity for Nature

Yesterday evening I scanned my twitter feed with a smile on my face as I read through the hundreds, probably thousands of tweets in response to the final episode of the BBC’s  Blue Planet 2. To challenge plastic in our society & in our oceans I have lived without plastic for a week. I haveContinue reading “Blue Planet 2: The Unique Marketing Opportunity for Nature”

Simple and Effective Home Tips to Conserve Water for the World – Guest post by David Webster

According to the BBC, “Average water consumption in the UK is 150 litres a day per person, and in the South East 130 litres a day.” And because of the increasing drought in the UK, customers were urged to cut down their consumption to 100 litres. Let’s face it: climate change is a thing andContinue reading “Simple and Effective Home Tips to Conserve Water for the World – Guest post by David Webster”

Question Time last night: ‘Britain after Brexit’

I am a regular watcher of the BBC’s Question Time, although I should probably stay away for the sake of my blood pressure. Yesterday evening a special ‘Britain after Brexit’ episode was broadcast, during which an audience which was divided as the country was at the referendum (roughly 52:48) posed questions to a panel composed ofContinue reading “Question Time last night: ‘Britain after Brexit’”