Book Review – The Easternmost House – by Juliet Blaxland

‘’The Easternmost House is a portrait of a place that soon will no longer exist. It is a memorial to this house and the lost village it represents, and to our ephemeral life here, so that something of it will remain once it has all gone.’’ The bar was set high when I read theContinue reading “Book Review – The Easternmost House – by Juliet Blaxland”

Getting offshore, once a year

I know that a lot of you enjoy to get active in the countryside and I hope that you get some inspiration from this guest post by Tom, ‘The Kayak Critic’ who runs  While the modern world has brought ease to our lives, it has also resulted in stress and anxiety. To live aContinue reading “Getting offshore, once a year”

Blue Planet 2: The Unique Marketing Opportunity for Nature

Yesterday evening I scanned my twitter feed with a smile on my face as I read through the hundreds, probably thousands of tweets in response to the final episode of the BBC’s  Blue Planet 2. To challenge plastic in our society & in our oceans I have lived without plastic for a week. I haveContinue reading “Blue Planet 2: The Unique Marketing Opportunity for Nature”

Simple Things You Can Do To Save Coral Reefs – Guest post by Josh Kaplan

Coral reefs are one of the world’s greatest wonders. They are the ultimate place to see the immense beauty and variety of our oceans. Sadly, they’re also one of the hardest-hit parts of the environment across the planet. Thankfully, there are lots of simple, practical things you can do to protect our reefs and restoreContinue reading “Simple Things You Can Do To Save Coral Reefs – Guest post by Josh Kaplan”

Book Review: ‘Strands’ by Jean Sprackland

In beachcombing, if we look closely enough, we find philosophy, history, art. The meditative, contemplative act of scanning the shoreline, enables discoveries of an alternative version of places that we think we know. Usually mundane objects become exotic if we choose to see them in such a way. To collect these items is timeless andContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Strands’ by Jean Sprackland”