An Interview with Adam L. Canning

Recently I spoke to Adam Canning who is a naturalist and film maker from the West Midlands. Unlike your stereotypical conservationist Adam is a suburban Brummie from a working-class background. He is also openly gay. He has previously co-presented The Wild Side on Cambridge TV, with Jamie Wyver, and made two series of mini filmsContinue reading “An Interview with Adam L. Canning”

Blue Planet 2: The Unique Marketing Opportunity for Nature

Yesterday evening I scanned my twitter feed with a smile on my face as I read through the hundreds, probably thousands of tweets in response to the final episode of the BBC’s  Blue Planet 2. To challenge plastic in our society & in our oceans I have lived without plastic for a week. I haveContinue reading “Blue Planet 2: The Unique Marketing Opportunity for Nature”

Book Review: ‘A Sweet Wild Note’ by Richard Smyth

When I turned the pages of this book for the first time, as when I open any new book, I couldn’t help but smell that gloriously comforting and inviting aroma of freshly published manuscript. All pages have their own smell, but it is something that few of us truly appreciate. Similarly, all landscapes have theirContinue reading “Book Review: ‘A Sweet Wild Note’ by Richard Smyth”