An Interview with Adam L. Canning

Recently I spoke to Adam Canning who is a naturalist and film maker from the West Midlands. Unlike your stereotypical conservationist Adam is a suburban Brummie from a working-class background. He is also openly gay. He has previously co-presented The Wild Side on Cambridge TV, with Jamie Wyver, and made two series of mini filmsContinue reading “An Interview with Adam L. Canning”

David Attenborough’s message to the world in Planet Earth II

Yesterday evening, I and millions of others watched the finale of Planet Earth II, the latest masterpiece to come out of the BBC’s natural history unit. The subject focus was on cities and urban spaces and it was incredible to watch the ingenuity of many species which have adapted to this new human influenced environment. Despite the successContinue reading “David Attenborough’s message to the world in Planet Earth II”