Getting offshore, once a year

I know that a lot of you enjoy to get active in the countryside and I hope that you get some inspiration from this guest post by Tom, ‘The Kayak Critic’ who runs  While the modern world has brought ease to our lives, it has also resulted in stress and anxiety. To live aContinue reading “Getting offshore, once a year”

Can you get outside for one hour every day in November?

Farming or land manager readers among you will probably scoff at the title of this post but for many of the population being able to spend any considerable time in the outdoors seems to be a real struggle. Computer or desk based jobs are often blamed along with the age-old ‘I’ve got too much goingContinue reading “Can you get outside for one hour every day in November?”

5 Reasons to Go Outside

As a writer, like much of the rest of the population, I spend a frustratingly large amount of time inside, staring at a computer screen and tapping away at my keyboard. I really enjoy my work but there are still times when I look out of the window and think, I want to be out thereContinue reading “5 Reasons to Go Outside”