Getting offshore, once a year

I know that a lot of you enjoy to get active in the countryside and I hope that you get some inspiration from this guest post by Tom, ‘The Kayak Critic’ who runs 

While the modern world has brought ease to our lives, it has also resulted in stress and anxiety. To live a happy and healthy life one must know how to keep a balance between hard work and fun.

There is so much that we could do to relax, but unlike myself few people prefer water-related activities. However, there is so much to love about being on the water. Here are a few offshore activities that you can enjoy:

1. KAYAK FISHING: My friends and I have been fishing for a while but this has an interesting little twist of being offshore and being in a kayak. This two in one package is so much fun and also relaxing. Imagine a whole day in a kayak, moving offshore in the midst of nowhere. All the relaxation you need is there! Of course, you would need to choose a proper kayak for the matter.

2. SAILING: A full day off the shore, with water all around, wind blowing in your hair and no one other than the people you love. Isn’t this the perfect day? I take my family sailing often. It has increased our bond, especially with all the stuff that my teenagers have been going through.

3. WATER SKIING: This one is for the people who like to live on the edge and embrace adventures. In this sport, you are pulled by a boat using skis to slide over the water.

4. CANOE POLO: For this sport, you have to be fast and quick and know how to handle a ball in the water. The rules are the same as the version you play on horseback. My children enjoyed playing this sport at their canoe camp last year.

5. WATERBOARDING: It is not any different from water skiing except there is only one board attached to your feet. In fact, this water sport is inspired by water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. Imagine yourself floating on the water moving at a speed of 28-35 km/hr and water giving you the chills.


So, here is a suggestion. Get offshore, once a year and it will bring you no harm. If anything you will find yourself in a better place both mentally and physically. And after so much we do to survive in this modern world we owe it to ourselves.

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Author bio: Tom is a blogger and nature lover. He is obsessed with traveling and adventuring, especially with his family. He believes that water has a steady hold of him. He regularly writes about his experiences at

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