‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 13 – Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018

This special podcast episode was recorded at the Oxford Real Farming Conference last week. The podcast offers a flavour of this year’s conference and includes interviews and short clips from sessions including the Q&A with Defra Secretary Michael Gove, led by Zac Goldsmith MP. Thank you to everybody who spoke to me including: Kath Dalmeny, Miles King, Vicki Hird, Nessie Reid, Martin Lines, David Corrie-Close, Geraint Davies, John Carson, John Letts and Michael Hanson. There will be a future special MTF episode featuring a longer recording with some farmers from the Nature Friendly Farming Network who are featured in this episode.

If you enjoy the episode please share it through your social media channels.

Many thanks to Tom Bland for mastering the audio.

Colin Tudge, co-founder of the ORFC interviewed the Environment secretary on the day he attended the conference:

You can find the full recording of Michael Gove’s Q&A session with Zac Goldsmith here.

All images credit/copyright Hugh Warwick. To view more photos of the event (C. Hugh Warwick) click here.

Many thanks to Katherine Mansell and her press team for everything you did before, during and after the event. It was much appreciated!

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