‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 60 – Robin Asquith

Robin Asquith is a farmer from Yorkshire. He’s the Care Farm Manager for the Camphill Village Trust, was a 2016 Nuffield Scholar and in 2017 was named a Farmers Weekly Rising Star. He’s also an all round great guy who is easy to get along with and that was evident when I went to meetContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 60 – Robin Asquith”

‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 58 – Mental Health, Farming and the Railways

This conversation with Dan Goodwin, who was Suffolk Agricultural Apprentice of the Year in 2018, and Steve Loeber, who works for Network Rail, was recorded just before Christmas and aims to highlight the similarities between working on farms and working on the railways. Mental health has no boundaries and it’s important that we all lookContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 58 – Mental Health, Farming and the Railways”

A Phone Detox

Earlier this year I smashed my phone screen, something that seems to happen to most of us at some point, especially if you work outdoors. It was a particularly hectic day; I was rushing and put the phone down on the quad bike for two minutes while I went to do something else. I returnedContinue reading “A Phone Detox”

Book Review – Bird Therapy – by Joe Harkness

”Consistent and constant, yet wild and free Are the avian wonders comforting me. From the lake at my patch, to the gorse-speckled heath, they dowse me in light, over darkness beneath. Sharpening senses, they help me to find, the systems and solace that strengthen my mind. From meadow to estuary, shingle to tree, I’ll alwaysContinue reading “Book Review – Bird Therapy – by Joe Harkness”

Talking to The Sassy Show

I am keen to broaden the conversation regarding #FarmerMentalHealth and other topics connected to farming, conservation and the countryside. With this in mind I was thrilled to speak to Bethany Burgoyne (and her alter ego HoneyB!) on her Youtube Channel. You can check it out here.   Bethany’s new project – ‘Sassy Conversations’ – involvesContinue reading “Talking to The Sassy Show”