Why Living Green is Good for the Mind

Mental health is a crisis we all are facing, and everyone has their own way of handling the crisis. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or just want to boost your mind, going green may be the best solution. Here is why. When Going Green doesn’t Fix Everything Of course, severe depression and anxietyContinue reading “Why Living Green is Good for the Mind”

Agroecology – a third way?

In farming, as in every other way of life, we have made a critical mistake. It is a mistake of language, assigning linguistic labels to denote ‘methods’ of agriculture and thus discouraging innovation and radical thinking. We can point to and fairly accurately describe ‘conventional’, ‘organic’, ‘biodynamic’, ‘integrated’, ‘intensive’ or ‘extensive’ ‘types’ of farming alongContinue reading “Agroecology – a third way?”

Devon Coastal Defence Work

This weekend, along with another 8 volunteers from Bristol University Conservation Group, I battled wind and rain to repair the defences to the dune system that the group put in place last year. A Devon County Council Scheme, the structure consisted of a stake system with chestnut paling strips of fencing creating a groyne system.Continue reading “Devon Coastal Defence Work”