Winter, walking, water and birds

Last weekend I set off with a friend to walk a stretch of the sea wall around Arthur Ransome's Secret Water, known to locals as 'the Backwaters'. It was one of those glorious, crisp days with radiant blue skies, a subtle whirr of wind but nothing more, and calm water, with just the hint of … Continue reading Winter, walking, water and birds


Best Hiking Trails in Scotland – guest post by Paul McCormin

While there are numerous trails all over the world, Scotland, with its raw and scenic landscape, is one of the ideal places to hike as there are many different trails suitable for different types of hikers. Scotland constitutes over 800 islands with many beaches, pristine valleys, towering mountains and wild coastlines, so there are innumerable … Continue reading Best Hiking Trails in Scotland – guest post by Paul McCormin

The Wood

Striding along the cow-parsley avenue my mind wanders, escaping the everyday. Jess the spaniel jumps among the sheaves of wheat in the field adjacent and I call her to my side. She initially ignores the demand, as usual, and then sprints towards me, overpassing on the path. I am sauntering towards the wood which lies … Continue reading The Wood

Little auk at the Naze (wild Essex)

We kept our heads down as we battled the wind on our way up to Stone Point, albeit occasionally stopping to gaze through binoculars at passing curlew or oystercatcher in flight or little sanderling running about on the beachline, joined in their never-ending task by chestnutty turnstone. The walk to the Stone is one that … Continue reading Little auk at the Naze (wild Essex)

70 miles later. My Suffolk Coast Path Experience.

One foot ahead of the other. It doesn't necessarily matter at what speed. You just need to keep moving forwards. The Suffolk Coast Path, which stretches from Lowestoft in the north of the county to Felixstowe in the south, is one of the lesser known long distance walking routes in England. From Friday to Sunday … Continue reading 70 miles later. My Suffolk Coast Path Experience.

Book Review: ‘The Old Ways’ by Robert Macfarlane

There is an area of south Essex that I have always dreamed of visiting, a place so remote and with such transitory terrain that it seems impossible that the edges of London are just 30 miles away. Nonetheless, between the Rivers Crouch and Thames is situated a mysterious footpath, in my mind one of the … Continue reading Book Review: ‘The Old Ways’ by Robert Macfarlane