Best Hiking Trails in Scotland – guest post by Paul McCormin

While there are numerous trails all over the world, Scotland, with its raw and scenic landscape, is one of the ideal places to hike as there are many different trails suitable for different types of hikers. Scotland constitutes over 800 islands with many beaches, pristine valleys, towering mountains and wild coastlines, so there are innumerableContinue reading “Best Hiking Trails in Scotland – guest post by Paul McCormin”

Water-to-Go Bottle

In my bid to rid as many single use plastics as I can from my life one major cloak hanging over me has been ensuring I start using a multi-use water bottle, ridding any temptation from buying single use plastic bottles of water (other beverages available). An answer came this Christmas with one super presentContinue reading “Water-to-Go Bottle”

5 ways to be more eco-friendly when you travel – Guest post by Craig Scott

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t stop when you go on vacation (or holiday if you’re British!). However, not many people know how to travel sustainably. Plus, with the millions of people that travel every day, it’s easy to forget about reducing your carbon emissions. To help you maintain your pact of going green and reduceContinue reading “5 ways to be more eco-friendly when you travel – Guest post by Craig Scott”

The Priory to Priory Walk

I find it strange how, although we might explore a place on foot while we are on holiday, most of us rarely take the time to explore our own local area, going off the beaten track. We tend to visit the same places again and again, whether for our daily walks with the dog orContinue reading “The Priory to Priory Walk”

70 miles later. My Suffolk Coast Path Experience.

One foot ahead of the other. It doesn’t necessarily matter at what speed. You just need to keep moving forwards. The Suffolk Coast Path, which stretches from Lowestoft in the north of the county to Felixstowe in the south, is one of the lesser known long distance walking routes in England. From Friday to SundayContinue reading “70 miles later. My Suffolk Coast Path Experience.”