Water-to-Go Bottle

In my bid to rid as many single use plastics as I can from my life one major cloak hanging over me has been ensuring I start using a multi-use water bottle, ridding any temptation from buying single use plastic bottles of water (other beverages available). An answer came this Christmas with one super presentContinue reading “Water-to-Go Bottle”

The Story of the Christmas Tree

In years gone by our family’s Christmas tree would be bought, put up and decorated on Christmas Eve. There would be a near panic dash around the local area looking for a suitable tree amongst those that were still available. It would then be rushed back to the house and quickly raised before the lights,Continue reading “The Story of the Christmas Tree”

‘Meet the Farmers’ – Episode 8 – Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly is a turkey farmer from near Chelmsford in Essex. Last month I spoke to him about life, family and turkeys at Claydons Farm. To find out more about his business visit kellyturkeys.co.uk Presented and Produced by: Ben Eagle Audio Mastering by: Tom Bland.

”And A Partridge in a Pear Tree”…but how are the birds really doing?

One of the most famous festive carols has to be ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, in which a very fortunate person is gifted some extraordinary things, ranging from nine ladies dancing to five gold rings and twelve drummers drumming. Within this list of generosity are a number of birds, but if someone was actually tryingContinue reading “”And A Partridge in a Pear Tree”…but how are the birds really doing?”

Why do people kiss under mistletoe?

Kissing under the mistletoe has become a core Christmas tradition in Britain and if you find yourself standing underneath a sprig with somebody else over the festive period you should prepare for them to lean forward for a kiss. However, how did it all come about? Why do we feel compelled to have a peck onContinue reading “Why do people kiss under mistletoe?”