The Story of the Christmas Tree

In years gone by our family’s Christmas tree would be bought, put up and decorated on Christmas Eve. There would be a near panic dash around the local area looking for a suitable tree amongst those that were still available. It would then be rushed back to the house and quickly raised before the lights,Continue reading “The Story of the Christmas Tree”

What was the Silsoe Conference and why should we remember it?

Forty eight years ago, in July 1969, a conference was held at Silsoe Agricultural College in Bedfordshire. It was jointly organised by the RSPB, the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), The Wildlife Trusts, the National Conservancy Council (now Natural England) and the Agricultural Development Advisory Service (ADAS), and it aimed to bring farmers and conservationistsContinue reading “What was the Silsoe Conference and why should we remember it?”