African Continent Faces the ArmyWorm

Whenever there is news reported about Africa in the west it tends to be bad news. I therefore don’t really relish writing this article. I’m following the trend. However, what amazes me is that apart from an article in the FT and in The Independent the mainstream media [I accept that the Ugandan Independent isn’t ‘mainstream’ inContinue reading “African Continent Faces the ArmyWorm”

The Martin Hughes-Games / Planet Earth Debate

I’m rather late to the party with this post, as several responses to Martin Hughes-Games supposed ‘attack’ on the BBC NHU’s Planet Earth II have already been circulating around the blogosphere. However, before the issue passes from people’s immediate (or at least secondary) thoughts I wanted to set out my position on the matter. I haveContinue reading “The Martin Hughes-Games / Planet Earth Debate”