The Martin Hughes-Games / Planet Earth Debate

I’m rather late to the party with this post, as several responses to Martin Hughes-Games supposed ‘attack’ on the BBC NHU’s Planet Earth II have already been circulating around the blogosphere. However, before the issue passes from people’s immediate (or at least secondary) thoughts I wanted to set out my position on the matter. I haveContinue reading “The Martin Hughes-Games / Planet Earth Debate”

David Attenborough’s message to the world in Planet Earth II

Yesterday evening, I and millions of others watched the finale of Planet Earth II, the latest masterpiece to come out of the BBC’s natural history unit. The subject focus was on cities and urban spaces and it was incredible to watch the ingenuity of many species which have adapted to this new human influenced environment. Despite the successContinue reading “David Attenborough’s message to the world in Planet Earth II”

BBC biased against the countryside?

A recent report from the BBC Trust has accused the broadcasting corporation of a bias against the ‘true nature’ and way of life of people who live in the British countryside. This perhaps comes as no surprise to many, with prime-time television often geared towards an ‘urban perspective’. 11 million people live in rural areasContinue reading “BBC biased against the countryside?”

The BBC Food and Farming Awards 2014

Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 14th BBC Food and Farming Awards, held at St George’s in Bristol and hosted by Sheila Dillon and Valentine Warner. The finalists were inspiring and I certainly did not envy all of the judges who had to make incredibly difficult decisions. However, theContinue reading “The BBC Food and Farming Awards 2014”

Climate Change and Global Change

I am writing this post in response to a couple of articles I have been reading this evening; articles that I came across through links on twitter. The first is from the Guardian and is regarding Nigel Lawson’s climate change sceptic (or as I prefer to see them, denier) group the ‘Global Warming Policy Foundation’ (GWPF).Continue reading “Climate Change and Global Change”